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          新概念英語第三冊第2課:Thirteen equals one

          時間:2016-12-08 14:40:30

          Lesson 2  Thirteen equals one 十三等于一

              Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
              Was the vicar pleased that the clock was striking? Why?

              Our vicar is always raising money for one cause or another, but he has never managed to get enough money to have the church clock repaired. The big clock which used to strike the hours day and night was damaged many years ago and has been silent ever since.
              One night, however, our vicar woke up with a start: the clock was striking the hours! Looking at his watch, he saw that it was one o'clock, but the bell struck thirteen times before it stopped. Armed with a torch, the vicar went up into the clock tower to see what was going on. In the torchlight, he caught sight of a figure whom he immediately recognized as Bill Wilkins, our local grocer.
              'Whatever are you doing up here Bill?' asked the vicar in surprise.
              'I'm trying to repair the bell,' answered Bill. 'I've been coming up here night after night for weeks now. You see, I was hoping to give you a surprise.'
              'You certainly did give me a surprise!' said the vicar. 'You've probably woken up everyone in the village as well. Still, I'm glad the bell is working again.'
              That's the trouble, vicar,' answered Bill. 'It's working all right, but I'm afraid that at one o'clock it will strike thirteen times and there's nothing I can do about it."
              We'll get used to that, Bill,' said the vicar. "Thirteen is not as good as one, but it's better than nothing. Now let's go downstairs and have a cup of tea.'

             New words and expressions 生詞和短語
              v. 等于

              n. 牧師

              v. 募集,籌(款)

              n. 電筒光

             Notes on the text課文注釋
              1  woke up with a start:…
              with a start,由于受到驚動,驚醒了。冒號后面是一個解釋性的分句,是對start所作的具體說明。
              2  recognize as,認出是。
              3  Whatever are you doing up here?你究竟在這上面干什么,
              4  You certainly did give me a surprise!你確實使我感到意外!
              5  Thirteen is not as good as one, but it is better than nothing.

          Lesson 2   課后練習和答案Exercises and Answer

          新概念英語第三冊第2課:Thirteen equals one
          新概念英語第三冊第2課:Thirteen equals one
          新概念英語第三冊第2課:Thirteen equals one
          新概念英語第三冊第2課:Thirteen equals one