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          時間:2020-01-21 17:27:51


            作文一:Planting Trees

            It was fine on March 12 , 2001 . I got up early that day . All the students in our school went to the hill to plant trees .

            We arrived at the hill at eight o'clock . The teacher asked each of us to plant at least six trees . Then we started digging , planting and watering . We all worked so hard that we could finish our tasks ahead of tim e . Among us , Wang Lin , our monitor set a good example for us . Though he was ill , he worked harder . When he finished his task , he went on to help others without even a little rest . He was wet all over after work .“ I must learn from him ,” I said to myself . Looking at the lines of the young trees , we smiled happily , forgetting our tiredness .

            作文二:Planting Trees

            Yesterday was Tree Planting Day. The teachers asked us to plant trees at the corner of our playground. At 3:00 in the afternoon, we got there. Our teacher showed us how to plant trees,then we started to do it. Some dug the pits, some put trees in them and others watered them. We planted a lot of trees. When we finished our work, it was nearly dark.


            March 12th is Tree Planting Day. This year our school bought enough trees before that day . On that day , we didn't had classes . The teachers and our classmates planted trees around our school.

            We began to planted trees as soon as we got to school . some students dug the holes . Some students put the trees into the holes.

            Some students put the earth back to the holes. Then we pushed the earth hard with our feet . At last we watered the trees as much as possible.

            From then on we looked after the trees carefully and the trees grew very well . It made our shcool more beautiful .And How happy we are !


            It's been a long time since I‘ve done something positive to the environment. Feeling guilty-ridden and determined to do something that I know would definitely please my parents and teachers,I decided to plant several trees on the hill in the rural area of the city on tree planting day with a few friends.

            Feeling breezy and light-hearted, we came to the foot of the hill and selected a place that looked suitable and settled down. We spent a few hours digging holes and placing the young seedlings. We took numerous pictures of the beautiful place. We also wrote our wishes and buried it deep down the roots of the trees. I felt tired quickly and though I didn‘t realise it, it was time to go. I gazed up at the sky and took in all the wonderful features of Mother Nature. I felt really glad that we made it for this trip and sweared that I would do my part on protecting the environment.

            作文五:Tree-planting Day

            Today is Tree-planting Day.

            We went to plant trees in Daning Greenland. As soon as we arrived, we began to work.Some were digging holes, some were planting and others were watering. We all know trees are very useful to man. Growing trees means saving man himself. We all worked very hard. When the sun went down, we came back home.

            Although we were very tired, we felt very happy.