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            Christmas Is Coming

            I like Christmas, it is just like our Spring Festival.

            Maybe the Spring Festival is much more important and interesting than Christmas, but I like Christmas Day better. Because we can spend time with our friends and classmates during Christmas. When it is snowy,

            Christmas becomes much more lovely, just like in fairytales. I can imagine I am in a fairytale, the girl who sold the matches is my friend, the ugly duck becoming more and more beautiful and so on. What a beautiful place! So we can also call Christmas “Snowy Lovely Day.”

            On Christmas Day, shops are red and green. There are so many Christmas cards, Christmas hats, Christmas dolls and many colourful things. So shops look very beautiful. We can give a card or a doll to our friends and say “Merry Christmas.” By the way, I think studying can also become much more interesting.

            Christmas is coming, it also means a new year will come. Let’s study harder to welcome


            Christmas is the most important festival in the western world. It falls on December 25th. When my mother and I stayed in America, we were invited by one of my mother's friends to have Christmas with an American family. We bought some presents for our American friends on our way to their house.

            They had prepared different kinds of gifts for their family and guests when we got to their house, such as Christmas candles, cakes, cards, little toys, biscuits and so on. A Christmas tree was placed in the comer of the brilliant hall. How beautiful it was! We were impressed by these. We had a big meal. After dinner, they told us some interesting stories about Christmas. We learned that Christmas had something to do with God. We went to bed at midnight. Though we knew the Santa Claus was not true, we were still waiting for the Santa Claus with white beard to bring us presents.And we received many beautiful presents the next morning.

            This Christmas was really unforgettable. Not only did I have a good time, but also I knew something about foreign culture.


            the chinese spring festival and the western christmas-中國的春節和西方的圣誕節

            evely nation has its own folk festivals. Those festivals give people a chance to be away from their regular work and everyday worries to enjoy themselves and to develop kindship and fi'iendship. The spring festival is the chief holiday in china while christmas is the most important redletter day in the western world.

            the spring festival and christmas have much in common. Both are prepared hefiorehand to create a joyous atmosphere; both offer a family reunion with a square feast: and both satisfy the children with new clothes, lovely presents and delicious food. However, the chinese spring festival has no religious background while christmas has something to do with god and there is santa claus with white heard to bring children presents. The westerners send each other christmas cards for greetings while the chinese people pay a call on each other.

            nowadays, some of the chinese youth has begun to celebrate christmas, following the example of the westerners. Perhaps they do so just for fun and out of curiosity.


            christmas is coming

            i like christmas, it is just like our spring festival.

            maybe the spring festival is much more important and interesting than christmas, but i like christmas day better. because we can spend time with our friends and classmates during christmas. when it is snowy,

            christmas becomes much more lovely, just like in fairytales. i can imagine i am in a fairytale, the girl who sold the matches is my friend, the ugly duck becoming more and more beautiful and so on. what a beautiful place! so we can also call christmas “snowy lovely day.”

            on christmas day, shops are red and green. there are so many christmas cards, christmas hats, christmas dolls and many colourful things. so shops look very beautiful. we can give a card or a doll to our friends and say “merry christmas.” by the way, i think studying can also become much more interesting.


            The annual Christmas is coming, and today you get out of school to attend the Christmas party.

            We finally arrived at the location, I was really too busy to take off, there are music and dance. When we came to the seat, I looked at it and looked at it. People were blessing each other and looked at them. Suddenly an old and cheerful voice came from afar: Marry Chris tmas to you! It was Santa who came, and he took the children to the stage and let us dance cheerfully. Time was gone, the dance stopped, the host of the party came, Santa Claus was gone, I feel more and more awkward, so I went to the side to play, not a father came to say: you are I'm so angry that he looks at which kids are like you,

            People just want to play a play, that there is too boring. I pout slowly said. Then I heard the support of aunt said that the Christmas bell is about to sound, please move to the back of the big bell. I heard my words, my father and I like the squirrel to the crowd, five, four, three, two, a boom, boom, boom bells people cheers sounded, then, a long beard, white The old man, carrying a spree, with a smiling face to the crowd, I saw him, Santa Claus seems to live, I can not even speak of excitement, I only care about the real Santa Claus, the fundamental Can not remember my father's words, I have not run to the front of Santa Claus, he kindly from the spree to come up with a fine Christmas doll, he said to me side: I wish you later happy growth, good study. I thanked Santa Claus after happily ran to the father in front of my father to see me deeply sighed, I know my father because I find me was anxious.

            Today is Christmas, I wish the classmate and all the teachers happy Christmas, sleep well, I wish everyone happy in the days ahead for a long time.